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Hello my name is Angelica Sanchez Ferrer and I have dual nationality with Brazil and Spain. I graduated in law in Brazil and from Bella’s Art in Spain. My passion for travel comes from my father, who was a diplomat. I have traveled to many countries and hope to see more. I love to see and learn different cultures that I have studied.

I love arts, astronomy, antique dealers, churches, castles, and paintings. Skiing is my favorite sport, and my father has encouraged me to practice boxing, is good for the arms and belly. I have a special interest in photography and everything related to technology. I love news things and always try to be up to date. 20140330-221746.jpg 20140330-221805.jpg My focus on fashion came after a curriculum of two and a half years at IED Madrid. I think fashion is an expression of who you can be, but not to be confused with who you are. Fashion can express your personality, but never say who you are. If you think so then we could say Albert Einstein was nobody! ;) truth 20140330-222004.jpg 20140330-222017.jpg I love the color white and lace dresses 20140330-222103.jpg 20140330-222114.jpg 20140330-222127.jpg <img class=”alignnone size-full” src=”https://angelicamarquesdf.files.wordpress

.com/2014/03/20140330-222142.jpg” alt=”20140330-222142.jpg” /> 20140330-222254.jpg 20140330-222313.jpg 20140330-222331.jpg I love baroque style and design, and I like clothes that resemble a painting or some aspect of the arts. 20140330-222542.jpg 20140330-222632.jpg In this box I have some cards from friends around the world, and of the trips I made in the last three years. This is my treasure that I cherish so much. And My 💕 mini IPad 128 GB , IPhone s5 Gold sensor Touch ID I love technology.🌹 20140330-223430.jpg I do not dress in animal skins, which can lead to extinction. I should not dress in any kind, but it’s hard:twisted:😩 20140330-223542.jpg 20140330-223556.jpg 20140330-223710.jpg I’ll be very honest, I do not really like fashion so much, if you make fashion or sell it, this is very good, but I’m not a crazy consumer. I’d rather spend my money on a trip, or buy an old article with a story than a bag or shoe.😂😂😂😂☝️😭😭😎 ;);) 20140330-224647.jpg 20140330-224703.jpg 20140330-224720.jpg 20140330-224749.jpg Yes I’m agnostic. You only live once. now! CARPE DIEM, live CARPE VITA friends .. 🌹 Latin: Latin because I studied law. Like for example, I love saying that, omnia mea mecum porto, you can lose everything, everything can be taken from you, but never your knowledge. A donkey does not see the same tree that smart. Give me information, I’ll take a shot at the conclusion! 20140330-225214.jpg I’ll be honest! My wardrobe is not so fashionable, I like fashion but do not imitate anyone and do not like to buy what everyone else is wearing just to say I’m trendy.:D☺️;)😜☝️😎 20140330-225415.jpg 20140330-225448.jpg fashion is important for anyone who makes or sells. 20140330-225754.jpg 20140330-225901.jpg Passion: astronomy, skiing, dancing, music, traveling, photography, technology, everything related to arts, churches, architecture ….. and fashion😒😜😂😂 20140330-230519.jpg 20140330-230547.jpg 20140330-230621.jpg I do not really like bathing. is to speak the truth?😭😹🛀🚿🛁😜 20140330-230738.jpg 20140330-230820.jpg Favorite sayings: I prefer an intelligent enemy than a stupid friend. Better alone than in bad company. Lo que natura no dá , salamanca no sirve. Burro cargado de oro, tiene el rebuzno igual de sonoro. What nature does not give, Salamanca (university ) does not work. Donkey laden with gold, has the same braying noise And many others ….. I do not remember now. 20140331-005158.jpg BRANDS: Chanel: my muse, and a person I admire. The woman who was Chanel, some classics I’d like to have it, but I see very popular Dolce & Gabanna: today for me, a passion. because they do not do fashion, make arts. 20140331-005334.jpg 20140331-005349.jpg life is a grand theater, Be you the protagonist, not the viewer.🎭 20140331-011234.jpg I do not consider myself a blogger, I only show a little of my life in pictures. and things that I like to see, do or wear.💚👯☝️ but if I can make money with it, I’ll be happy.🌹🍀👏👏👏😎 20140331-012125.jpg the idea of ​​making pictures in the kitchen and show that I was a sensitive woman, was my photographer.👯🌹👯☺️🌹😂😂👻👻 20140331-012511.jpg Zara: succesfully done and will always be, but why the cheap quality and trend. And that desmostra not need to have money to be fashionable and wear well. I Love Zara! Chiara ferragani is a great example of the world we are living, that everyone can be famous and make money working with a good team.☝️;) 20140331-012711.jpg 20140331-012738.jpg I know, I know, I’m ridiculous with that outfit, but I like to cook with it when I’m alone at home.😎😂😂 20140331-012852.jpg I prepared all alone waiting for my friend and photographer Antonio, better known as Antonito.😎💕👏 after I will teach how to make this food.👻💕 20140331-013617.jpg My life is an inspiration, I’m always looking to do some things that I see, for example I saw the video of Madonna like a virgin and did a similar in venice hahahaha, I had so much fun doing it. Life is a theater where you can choose and make your own scene. so I have a personal style. And more than fashion, I want to display a lifestyle, my style of thinking. so I’m not a blogger, I am a person who seeks inspiration around me.👯🌹👯 20140331-013854.jpg find and connect with people who think like you, is very important. why I always say” Pares cum paribus congregantur” 20140331-014824.jpg importates things for me, reading, traveling and sports, it makes you see the world over the shoulders of a giant.🌹☝️ Yes I am a feminist, but I like the man to pay the restaurant bill. open the car door, and give me flowers, otherwise I do not need the man for anything, I’m a feminist woman and only want to compete with men with brains. I do not want to spit on the floor or put fire in my bra. I only want respect, opportunity at work and able to choose whether work or take care of my house, children and husband. is very difficult to think so?👊 20140331-015215.jpg In fashion Today nothing is created, everything is copied. Great people have done it for us🌹☝️ 20140331-015614.jpg This flower dress is a piece of curtain from home, I curled up and made a dress☺️;) 20140331-015910.jpg 20140331-015955.jpg 20140331-020023.jpg I love playing sports, boxing is one, where I can practice with my father, who taught me since childhood that, traveling, reading and playing sports makes you see the world over the shoulders of a giant🌹and after the boxing, I love skiing, I already skied in many places and mountains, and the sensation is always different,moreover I like to skate and swim, and I love climbing mountains. always when I go to with my father, he tells me many poems, he learned from memory since childhood. 20140331-020229.jpg 20140331-024039.jpg My basement of my apartment is magic, here we have everything from stamp collector’s my father, until paintings, I had painted when child. old books of many languages, my father is a Spanish atypical, he speaks 5 languages ​​from Russian, until the French language perfectly, because he lived there long.☺️🌹 20140331-024738.jpg 20140331-024813.jpg 20140331-024943.jpg 20140331-025035.jpg 20140331-025217.jpg the basement is a mess, but we do not think about tidying it, if we do that , then not know where’s the things. is best left like this. we have our part to do sport, that’s enough. 20140331-030721.jpg

Well ! a Little about me , I not say more or I will scandalize everyone! .20140331-155138.jpg


To be continue ……

Hasta la vista baby 😎


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