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Monday in WashingtonDC

By On 1 de Dezembro de 2014

Today is Monday 1 December, the year is ending and think about the good things that happened to me in it, people I met, places I traveled and important things I’ve accomplished.… Read More


Article by Ferrer Angelica

By On 13 de Novembro de 2014 My article in Brasil ,Brasilia!!The-CroMagnon-Society-Man-/c193z/43D71945-942E-4A69-B527-D1B823427C87 My article in London! Hasta la vista baby😎✋… Read More


My article about WashingtonDC in Brasil

By On 13 de Novembro de 2014 Hasta la vista baby … Read More


Afghanistan in colors

By On 7 de Novembro de 2014

Colors of Afghanistan “A landscape might be denuded, a human settlement abandoned or lost, but always, just beneath the ground lies history of preposterous grandeur. . . They are everywhere, these individuals… Read More

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English Architecture in WashingtonDC

By On 7 de Novembro de 2014

WashingtonDC es conocido como el centro de la política del gobierno y donde Vive Obama, Cosmopolita y moderna, la capital de los Estados Unidos de América tiene una presencia muy Inglés en… Read More


My interview about NASA, ESA, HAWAII and my love of Granada.

By On 12 de Outubro de 2014

Thanks my Dear Raquel and TG7 TV show . Hasta la vista baby😎… Read More


My Fashion purple.

By On 12 de Outubro de 2014

Mi Fashion purple desta semana es una entrevista concedida a un periódico de Brasilia,Brasil. My Fashion purple this week is my interview about Granada in the web site in Brasilia ,Brasil.… Read More


My interview in Hawaii!

By On 8 de Outubro de 2014

  From Spain to the WorldBy John KonaThe Style of LifeAs I searched Instagram in late July like I always do for this column, I started to see a number of pictures… Read More

Style of life


By On 8 de Outubro de 2014

El pasado mes de julio he estado en un archipiélago en el centro del pacífico perteneciente a Oceanía , el conocido y sonado Hawaii. El aeroporto situado en plena selva tropical te… Read More

Style of life


By On 29 de Setembro de 2014

El embrujo del barrio del Sacromonte🌵 La picaresca de las gitanas del sacromonte🌵☺️ El mal de ojo👀 Paseando por el Sacromonte se me acerco una gitana me cogío una mano para leerme… Read More

Style of life

Special weekend

By On 28 de Setembro de 2014

Enjoy your life, enjoy your day and enjoy the moment . My little baby, my little boy 🎶 the time pass so fast for us 🎶🎶… Down on the west coast I… Read More

Style of life

The Fashion Guide to London: The Best Gastropubs, Wi-Fi Hotspots, and More

By On 12 de Setembro de 2014

🌹 I’ve heard that the secret to getting over jet lag is to have a massage within two hours of landing—so I’ve booked one for when I get back from New York… Read More

Style of life

Summer pool

By On 31 de Agosto de 2014

Pool time,the summer will never be the same.👙🌞🌴🍹 Love the sun🌞love the time in pool🏊 Inspiration SOS Malibu⚓️🚁🚤🚩 Put brightness in life and in your emotions, Inspiration in Hawaii and its enchanted… Read More


My interview with Mr. Bob at NASA Headquarters Spanish and Portuguese.

By On 28 de Agosto de 2014

Tuve el placer de conocer y entrevistar a Bob Jacobs, que es el administrador de la NASA Asociado Adjunto de Comunicaciones. Tive o prazer de conhecer e entrevistar Bob Jacobs, ele é… Read More


My interview with Mr. Bob at NASA Headquarters

By On 27 de Agosto de 2014

I had the pleasure to meet and interview Bob Jacobs, he is the NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Communications. We met in front of NASA Headquarters in Washington DC, which caught my… Read More


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