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KingsMill Resort.

By 21 de Junho de 2015 Style of life, The best Posts

Welcome to Resort KingsMill, Kingsmill is a name which has been used in James City County, Virginia since the mid-18th century. Initially the name of a plantation, in modern times, the name is attached to a geographic area which includes a large planned residential community, a resort complex, a theme park, a brewery, and a commercial park.

The Kingsmill area is located between the north bank of the James River just east (downstream) of the site where the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown was established in 1607 and Interstate Highway 64. Highway access to most of the area’s many businesses and attractions is from U.S. Route 60 between the eastern city limits of Williamsburg and the adjacent community of Grove, or from Virginia State Route 199, which forms a semi-circular beltway of sorts around Williamsburg’s southern side.


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Shooting with Books

By 5 de Abril de 2015 Fashion

The Library of Congress was inaugurated on April 24, 1800, when US President John Adams signed an Act of Congress transferring national government headquarters from Philadelphia to the new federal capital, Washington.

The original library was hosted in the new Capitol until August 1814, when the invading British troops set fire to the Capitol building, destroying the small library content, which then contained only three thousand volumes. Within a month, former President Thomas Jefferson offered his personal library as a replacement. Jefferson had spent 50 years accumulating books “storing everything that was related to the United States, and really all that is rare and valuable in every science.” His library was considered one of the best the United States. Jefferson, who was heavily indebted, sought to use the profit from the sale of books to pay off their debts with creditors.

He anticipated the discussion on the universe of his collection, which included books in foreign languages ​​and philosophy volumes, science, literature and other topics that were not normally seen in a legislative library. He wrote: “I am aware that there is in my collection any branch of science which Congress would exclude from their collection; there is, in fact, no matter that a member of Congress has not been able to use. ” In January 1815 the Congress accepted Jefferson’s offer allocating $ 23,950 in exchange for their 6487 books. The Jeffersonian concept of universality, the belief that all subjects are important to the legislative library of the United States, is the philosophy and the logic behind the library collection policies of Congress today. In December 1851, there was a fire in the library of congress. The fire destroyed 35,000 books, an original portrait of Christopher Columbus, portraits of the first five presidents of the United States painted by Gilbert Stuart and statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette.

The library had, in 2009, more than 32 million cataloged books, more than 63 million manuscripts, 3 million sound recordings, more than 5 million maps, 16 million microformase the largest collection of rare books in North America including one of the four remaining copies of the Gutenberg Bible on vellum paper. The library is open to the general public for academic research and tourists can also visit her. But only those with the “reader’s identification card” can join in the reading rooms and have access to the collection. However, only members of Congress, judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, its employees, employees of the Library of Congress and some other government officials can really make a thorough examination of the books.

Located in three buildings in the US capital, Washington, DC, Library of Congress has more than 155 million items, including materials available in 470 languages, setting the world’s library storage space and number of books.

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Orange Street Style

By 25 de Março de 2015 Fashion

Orange Street Style is my Style this week to go to street and show the fashion warning signs 🍊🚩⚠️🚦🚧⛔️🚸🚯 and read in English, portuguese and Spanish my articles about Dolce & Gabbana polemic😁😇 .!While-they-are-knowitalls-in-fashion-they-leave-something-to-be-desired-as-social-theorists/c193z/551056cf0cf22035304dd7f9!Poetas-Calados/c193z/550dc0270cf23050bc88475b

😎 hasta lá vista

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While they are know-it-alls in fashion, they leave something to be desired as social theorists!

By 23 de Março de 2015 Articles, Fashion
After giving an interview which states that they are the adoption of children by gay parents and that life has its natural flow, and disregarding any other ways to generate a child, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have been the target of criticism. In the meantime there is nothing wrong with giving your opinion about his philosophy of life and how they live. They can do and live as they want and their opinion should be respected, and should be understood as their right to exercise freedom of expression. The problem is when you are said to be against something, you are support taking away the rights of others who are in favor, and more so in this case as it is complex.
Take for example the first sentence: “I’m Stefano against the adoption of children by same-sex parents,” and the second sentence: “I, Stefano Gabbana will not adopt a child because to me a child needs a mother figure and father, as in a traditional family.” They will see the difference from the last sentence where you refer to yourself in your personal and intimate level, because a person has every right to express themselves and have an opinion. The first sentence is not the same when you say you are against something apparently it seems that you are directing your statement against persons who do so already and is not just a private opinion. Artists in general are very good at singing, dancing, designing clothes, or doing super movies, but when it comes to expressing opinions or philosophies of life people are generally unhappy with their comments. They may not know how to say things in a meaningful way, or they simply lack information for understanding life in general.
In this case, I believe that the designers did not know whether it was right to express their beliefs on a personal level, because even if they were as traditional as they say, they would not be gay. I believe that they are not enough informed about the new structures of families when they speak of natural flow of life. We could say that being gay is not in accordance with nature and will cite democracy which is a way to govern, and could have you only limited to talk about the right to freedom of expression and this would suffice. At the end of the interview Domenico states that he cannot have children because he is gay, and to say this I hope he has had a vasectomy. Otherwise this becomes more unfortunate because his comments are without logic.
Dolce & Gabbana are and will continue to be great designers and are also my favorite. I had the opportunity to meet with Stefano at the Hotel Santa Paula in Granada, Spain, and gave him presents of things typical of the city, and later I received a postcard of thanks. I hope that people who are public and have access to media stop and think before they speak, because their opinions can influence the ways of others.
I was once told that having money was bad and that rich people are the most lonely people. My thought was immediately that money is not bad, it all depends on what you do with it. Most of the time people with much money do not realize the real world in which they live, and how fortunate they are of all the people in the world. We are at about 7,500 billion people in the world, and not all can have access to everything. The planet is unable to provide a computer and a phone for everyone, and many people are consuming and producing little, and this production is not enough in return.
In a smaller context, when people make such comments like this, maybe these people do not realize the millions of children living without families, on the streets or without support in orphanages, waiting for someone, be they gay, old, women, men or who want to give them an opportunity, a home to live, because we live in a world where not everyone has the same opportunities. As Dolce & Gabbana these people need to think more and try to be honest with themselves and their realities, and how as designers after this controversy they become more popular not because of their way to make fashion but for your family’s vision.
Zapatero a tus zapatos.
Después de dar una entrevista donde afirma estar contra la adopción de niños por padres gays y que la vida tiene su flujo natural, descartando cualquier otra forma de traer niños al mundo, los diseñadores Stefano Gabbana y Dominico son blanco de criticas. Pero dar su opinión sobre su filosofía de vida y su forma de vivir, no tiene nada de malo. Pueden hacer y vivir como quieran y su opinión debe ser respetada, hasta ahí todo claro así como su derecho de ejercer su libertad de expresión, el problema es cuando dicen: Estar en contra, eso va contra el derecho de otras personas que están a favor. Primera Frase: ” Yo Steffano estoy en contra de la adopción de niños por padres del mismo sexo”. Segunda frase: ” yo Steffano no adoptaría un niño, pues para mi precisa de una figura paterna y materna, como una familia tradicional. Se percibe la diferencia de la ultima frase? Usted se refiere a usted mismo en su ámbito personal y a su propia persona, porque tiene todo el derecho de expresarse y tener una opinión, pero cuando afirma estar en contra, parece que esta yendo contra las personas que lo hacen, entonces ya no es una opinión privada. Los artistas en general, son muy buenos cantando, bailando, diseñando ropas o haciendo súper filmes, pero cuando se trata de decir su opinión o filosofía de la vida, generalmente son infelices en sus comentarios, o porque no lo dicen de una manera comprensible, o por falta de información o entendimiento de la vida en general.
En este caso creo que Dolce & Gabbana fallo un poco como persona por esa posición infeliz ante la vida, incluso porque si ellos fuesen tan tradicionales como dicen, no serian Gays, ellos hablan del flujo natural, entonces podemos decir que ser gay no esta de acuerdo con la naturaleza, hablan de democracia que es una forma de gobierno, podrían haberse limitado solamente a decir sobre el derecho de libertad de expresión y seria suficiente. Al fina Domenico afirma que no puede tener hijos porque es Gay, para decir eso espero que se haya hecho la vasectomía, de lo contrario seria otro comentario inacertado trata do de arreglar el primero.
Dolce & Gabbana son y van a continuar siendo grandes diseñadores y mis preferidos, tuve la oportunidad de encontrarme con Stefano en el hotel Santa Paula en Granada España,y regalarle cosas típicas de España y recibí como agradecimiento una tarjeta postal. Espero que las personas que son públicas y tienen acceso a los medios de comunicación, piensen antes de hablar ya que sus opiniones pueden influir en muchas personas.
Me dijeron una vez que tener dinero era malo y hacia a las personas mas solitarias, mi respuesta fue inmediata, el dinero no es malo, todo depende de lo que haga con el. La mayoría de las veces, las personas con mucho dinero, no se dan cuenta del verdadero mundo en que viven y que afortunadas son en comparación con la mayoría de las personas del mundo. Estamos 7.500millones de personas, pero solo algunas tienen acceso a todo, el planeta no tiene recursos para dar un teléfono y computadora a cada uno de sus habitantes, son muchas las personas consumiendo y pocas produciendo, y esa producción no es suficiente. En un ámbito mas pequeño, cuando las personas hacen estos comentarios, tal vez no se dan cuenta de los millones de niños que viven sin familias, en las calles o en orfanatos sin apoyo, esperando por alguien, ya sean gays, viejos, jóvenes o cualquiera que quiera darles una oportunidad, un hogar para vivir, pues vivimos en un mundo donde no todos tienen lad mismas oportunidades.
Personas como como Dolce & Gabbana precisan reflexionar mas e intentar ser sinceros con ellos mismos y sus realidades y como diseñadores van a continuar siendo unos de mis preferidos.
Ferrer Angelica.

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Fashion show in Washington, DC

By 27 de Fevereiro de 2015 Fashion, The best Posts
Angelica Ferrer in fashion night area vip

On 20 February, Washington DC met with the fashion world. The capitol of President Obama opened the curtains for a Fashion show and samba style carnival like in Brazil.

Angelica Ferrer in fashion night Washington DC

Angelica Ferrer in fashion night Washington DC

Girl Samba in WashingtonDC

Girl Samba in WashingtonDC


Angelica Ferrer samba in Washington Dc.


Samba Girl in washingtondc fashion

Samba Girl in washingtondc fashion

The US capitol is not well known as a fashion capitol, but we can find people interested in showing the work of designers and people in Washington, DC that are interested in investing in fashion shows.

Fashion designer Kim Ellen

Fashion designer Kim Ellen

Washington dc fashion show

Washington dc fashion show

Your manner of dress can tell a lot about you, and having good taste has nothing to do with having money, sometimes people just have money.

Night fashion in Washington dc

Night fashion in Washington dc

On the runway I could see that you do not need to spend much money to be well dressed, and the designer understood this idea. With cheerful, vibrant clothes and also looking very chic, Washington showed that it is worth trying to invest in this area that is growing every day. Washington, DC is more than a capitol worldwide. For example Berlin for a long time had no talk of fashion, and is now the capitol of meetings between bloggers and familiar characters of this world. This is great for the capitol and for the economy of those who want to invest in fashion, as well as for people who like and want to work in this area.

Glamour in fashion show in Washington dc

Glamour in fashion show in Washington dc

I realized that in Washington DC most people dress in dark colors or deleted. This means that people still a bit afraid to dare and really make a fashion statement, being free with fashion and even gay, why not?

WashingtonDc fashion show

WashingtonDc fashion show

On February 20 I saw a cheerful and bold fashion, but at the same time elegant and chic. All designers that went down the runway this day were showing that Washington, DC is changing their way of doing fashion and is open to new ideas and way of dressing. I saw joy and excitement.
Brasilian designsin Swimwear Emily Gonzaga

Brasilian designsin Swimwear Emily Gonzaga

The fashion whatsoever must contain an idea and be done by an inspiration and a cause the client is willing to use because it is the power of using something inspiring that means something.

Brasilian fashion designer Emily Gonzaga show in Washington dc

Studio D"Maxsi by Afua Sam

Studio D”Maxsi by Afua Sam

Joy Kingsley and Angelica Ferrer

Joy Kingsley and Angelica Ferrer

Fashion night in Washingtondc

Fashion night in Washingtondc

The fashion show in washingtonDC ,designer Afua Sam Studio D"Maxsi

The fashion show in washingtonDC ,designer Afua Sam Studio D”Maxsi

Fashion week in WashingtonDC, DMilikah

Fashion week in WashingtonDC, DMilikah

Washington, DC is on track to start walking in this demanding world, fashion, and have great fun too.

Angelica Ferrer in fashion night area vip

Angelica Ferrer in fashion night area vip

The model Joy Kingsley and the fashionista Angelica Ferrer

Congratulations to all the organizers Tino Anthony and fashion designers: Emily Gonzaga of D’Milikah, Kim Ellen of Kim Ellen collection, Afua Sam of Studio D’Maxsi, Joy Kingsley-ibeh, Christpher Schafer Clothier, and presenters of the night Joy Kingsley and Jason Anthony.

Text: Angelica Ferrer

Credts photos: Mark Kanawati

Read in portuguese:

Read in spanish:

Hasta la vista Baby😎

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Unique places to visit one day!

By 17 de Fevereiro de 2015 Style of life

Viajar é a melhor maneira de adquirir conhecimentos culturais mais profundos e muitas vezes se desfazer de estereótipos.

Aqui um dos lugares que você deve conhecer um dia porque vale á pena viajar, México, Arriba! Porque o mundo é grande e te espera!


Hacienda Uayamon, campeche
É uma maravilhoso hotel colonial cinco estrelas que está em Campeche no México.
Construído em 1700, este resort colonial sustentável se preserva como uma grande casa em volta de pedras e rodeado por verde.

Convento de San Antonio, Izamal

Uma das joías de Yucatán em Izamal, esse monastério foi construído a partir das pedras retiradas da pirâmide ppApp-Hol-Chac em 1533 quando missionários espanhóis conquistarão a cidade, destruindo então o principal templo Maya. Esse foi o primeiro monastério no hemisfério ocidental. Azamal é conhecida como a Cidade Amarelo, como a maior parte dos locais imita a arquitetura do convento cor de mostarda.



Apoala Mexican cuisine, Mèrida

Considerado autêntico e melhor restaurante mexicano do parque Santa Lucia em Mérida, Apoala tem como exclusivo os seus morangos recheados e tacos de barbacoa, e um estilo de Oaxaca, e acredite, tudo aqui é excelente inclusive sua festa de fim de ano que é muito famoso pelo restaurante.

Café Alameda, Mèrida
Á duas quadras do restaurante Apoala, está o café Alameda, oferecendo pratos caseiros libaneses com um toque especial mexicano. Há uma população do oriente médio surpreendente em Mèrida.

Convento Route, Campeche Valladolid

Se um monastério espanhol não é suficiente, você poderá visitar mais de nove locais que vão desde de igrejas coloniais ás aldeias maias que podem ser visitados em uma rápida distância entre elas de dez a 45 minutos, em um dia você pode ver e aprender muito de história dessa fantástica cidade no México.

Ek’Balam, perto de Valladolid

Ek’balam é um Yutec nome maia que significa “O jaguar preto” ou a “brilhante estrela do jaguar” foi a capital do império maia, durante séculos, e um dos mais bem preservados da península e inclui um templo chamado ‘El Trono’ onde se vê uma grande boca de jaguar.




Shopping em Valladolid
Além de óleos de banho, velas de cera com aromas divinos, você vai descobrir a perfumaria Coqui Coqui em Valladolid cidade mais próxima de Ek’Balam. Elen de perfumes e velas uma barbearia antiga e uma loja que vende chapéus e é vizinha da marca mexicana Hacienda Montaecristo.

Bacalar Lagoon

A 307 kilometros de Tulum há uma pequena faixa de terreno pantanoso. Bacalar Lagoon é um lago conhecido por suas vistas prismáticas como a lagoa de sete cores e oferece um refúgio da agitação das partes do Norte da península. A competição de pesca do mês de agosto transforma a cidade numa festa nessa data.

Chamico’s, Punta Soliman

Quinze minutos de Tulum há um beco sem pavimentação perto de Punta Soliman, e há uma barraca chamada Chamico’s onde se vende lagosta de praia e cerveja bem gelada. Esse clima calmo construa branca e um mar azul e o que costuma ser Tulum, México.

Hasta lá vista Friends 😎

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Leather dress and feline!

By 16 de Fevereiro de 2015 Fashion






















Angelica Ferrer, is wearing a leather dress, synthetic fur coat, leather shoe and leather mini purse.
feline inspiration and dress power, leather black dress is classic and chic. Photographers await you in front of your apartment to make you star photos.

Angelica Ferrer 😎🌹

Read Washingtondc is fashion

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Selfies and fashion Streetstyle articles!

By 11 de Fevereiro de 2015 Fashion

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Casino in Las Vegas

By 23 de Janeiro de 2015 Fashion, Style of life

















IMG_3024.JPGLas Vegas is an amazing city, erected in the desert and now known as Sin City, marriage and entertainment. It is the city of casinos which never sleeps, and at any time of day or night there are people playing.

The hotels are small worlds where you can find everything: shops, bars and entertainment, producing a fantastic reality where there is no notion of time. You may even travel without leaving Las Vegas, from the Eiffel Tower to the pyramids of Egypt. In Las Vegas you live in the city of dreams, where everything that happens there, stays there. It is impressive and fantastic -that feeling of seeing the world playing, drinking and living at all times.

Las Vegas’ big shows attract thousands of tourists every year. When planning to come to Las Vegas prepare to thoroughly enjoy this fine city. Dream: it fully justifies its reputation and understand when Elvis Presley sang from the heart when he said: Viva Las Vegas.

Read in spanish:

Hasta la vista Baby.

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Glitter and glamour to inspire the New Year

By 3 de Janeiro de 2015 Fashion

5d3_8680_1.jpgPoliticians and diapers should be changed from time to time for the same reason.Eca de Queiroz

Los políticos y los pañales deben ser cambiados de vez en cuando por la misma razón.
Eca de Queiroz5d3_8671_1.jpgHappiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.Ernest Hemingway

La felicidad en la gente inteligente es la cosa más rara que conozco.
Ernest Hemingway



dsc00959.jpgDemocracy is a statistical error, because in a democracy the majority rules and the majority are imbeciles.Jorge Luis Borges

La democracia es un error estadístico, ya que en una democracia la mayoría manda y la mayoría son imbéciles.
Jorge Luis Borgesdsc00961.jpgLa soledad es la madre de la sabiduría.Laurence Sterne

Loneliness is the mother of wisdom.
Laurence Sternedsc00951.jpg













When a person suffers a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion.
Robert M. Pirsig

Cuando una persona sufre un delirio se llama locura. Cuando mucha gente sufre de un delirio que se llama religión.
Robert M. Pirsig

This year will shine for everyone with health and much luck in the game of life. A toast to life.💥🎉🍸👯😸

Que este año brille para todos con salud y mucha suerte en el juego de la vida. Un brindis por la vida.🍸🎉👯😘💥😸🌹

And Hasta la vida baby 😎

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My TV show pilot in New York

By 31 de Dezembro de 2014 Style of life

Angelica Ferrer’s TV show pilot for “Este es tu Mundo”. The TV show is about understanding the real lifestyles of different cultures.

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Sexy in The city

By 29 de Dezembro de 2014 Style of life

Angelical Ferrer towel😜 in New York city 🗽



























Hasta lá vista baby.

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Franciscan monastery

By 10 de Dezembro de 2014 Style of life

El monasterio del Monte Santo Sepulcro franciscano se encuentra en la calle 14 y Quincy en el barrio noreste de Brookland Washington, DC.

El propósito del monasterio era construir modelos de santuarios y lugares importantes para el cristianismo. Incluye jardines, réplicas de diversos santuarios de todo Israel, una réplica de las catacumbas de Roma, un archivo, una biblioteca, así como huesos de San Benigno de Armagh, traídos de las catacumbas romanas y originalmente en la Catedral de Narni, Italia.

The Mount St. Sepulchre Franciscan Monastery is located at 14th and Quincy Streets in the Brookland neighborhood of Northeast Washington, D.C.

The purpose of the monastery was to build models of shrines and locations important to Christianity. It includes gardens, replicas of various shrines throughout Israel, a replica of the catacombs in Rome, an archive, a library, as well as bones of Saint Benignus of Armagh, brought from the Roman Catacombs and originally in the Cathedral of Narni, Italy.


El Reverendo Charles A. Vassani (1831-1896) nombró a los EE.UU. Hermanada conTierra Santa en 1880, en la ciudad de Nueva York. Fue a partir de esta ubicación que el Rev. Vassani y Padre Godfrey Schilling, OFM (1855-1936) comenzó a planificar la construcción de una “Tierra Santa en América” y un Santo Sepulcro. Ellos imaginaron un edificio en una alta colina en Staten Island, con vistas a la entrada del puerto de Nueva York. Estos planes fueron posteriormente desechados. Finalmente, los planes cambiaron a una colina boscosa en Brookland, Washington, DC. En 1897, el P. Godfrey compró el McCeeney Locales en Brookland para fundar un monasterio y su iglesia.

The Very Reverend Charles A. Vassani (1831–1896) established the U.S. Commissariat of the Holy Land in 1880, in New York City. It was from this location that Rev. Vassani and Father Godfrey Schilling, O.F.M. (1855-1936) began to plan to build a “Holy Land in America” and a Holy Sepulchre. They envisioned building on a high hill on Staten Island, overlooking the entrance to New York’s harbor. These plans were later dropped. Eventually the plans changed to a wooded hilltop in Brookland, Washington, D.C.. In 1897, Fr. Godfrey purchased the McCeeney Estate in Brookland in order to found a monastery and church.


Seis hermanos vivían en la casa McCeeney abandonada. Después de comprar el sitio, P. Schilling visitó Tierra Santa y tomó medidas y fotografías de los Santos Lugares. En febrero de 1898, la tierra estaba preparada y la primera piedra fue colocada en la Fiesta de San José. La construcción de los Santuarios Sagrados, jardines, y Rosario Pórtico continuó durante varios años. La iglesia fue consagrada en septiembre de 1924, en el vigésimo quinto aniversario de su dedicación. En enero de 1992, el Monte Santa Sepulcro fue incluido en el Registro Nacional de Lugares Históricos.

Six Brothers lived in the abandoned McCeeney house. After purchasing the site, Fr. Schilling visited the Holy Land and took measurements and photographs of the Holy Sites. In February 1898, ground was broken, and the cornerstone was laid on the Feast of St. Joseph. Construction of the Holy Shrines, Gardens, and Rosary Portico continued for several years. The Church was consecrated in September 1924, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of its dedication. In January 1992, Mount St. Sepulchre was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


La Iglesia del Santo Sepulcro fue diseñado por el arquitecto Aristide Leonori. La primera piedra fue colocada en 1898 y terminada en 1899. La planta de la iglesia se asemeja vagamente la cruz de Jerusalén multiplicada por cinco. Fue construido en el estilo neo-bizantino, se asemeja a Santa Sofía de Constantinopla. Algunas influencias románicas se añadieron al diseño.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was designed by the architect Aristide Leonori. The cornerstone was laid in 1898 and construction completed in 1899. The floor plan of the church loosely resembles the fivefold Jerusalem cross. It was built in the neo-Byzantine style, resembling Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Some Romanesque influences were added to the design.


Un Rosario Pórtico diseñado por John Joseph Earley rodea la iglesia. Contiene quince capillas que representan los misterios del Rosario. Cada capilla contiene placas con el Ave María en casi doscientas lenguas antiguas y modernas. El Rosario se asemeja al Pórtico del claustro de San Juan de Letrán en Roma y San Pablo Extramuros. Varios símbolos cristianos de las catacumbas decoran la fachada.

The Rosary Portico designed by John Joseph Earley surrounds the church. It contains fifteen chapels depicting the mysteries of the Rosary. Each chapel contains plaques bearing the Hail Mary in nearly two hundred ancient and modern languages. The Rosary Portico resembles the Cloister of St. John Lateran in Rome and Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls. Various Christian symbols from the Catacombs decorate the facade.





Se adjunta a la Iglesia el Monasterio neo-románico. Muchos artistas y arquitectos han contribuido al desarrollo del sitio. La Biblioteca y Archivos contienen diversos materiales de la Tierra Santa del desarrollo temprano del monasterio, de la vida monacal y una gran colección de vestimentas.

Attached to the Church is the neo-Romanesque Monastery. Many artists and architects have contributed to the development of the site. The Library and Archives contain various materials on the Holy Land and the early development of the monastery, monastery life and a large collection of vestments.



Hasta lá vista baby😎

My Beautiful video😒☝️ but not profesional 😉.

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Fashion feline!

By 6 de Dezembro de 2014 Fashion

Mi patria es el mundo, mis amigos la humanidad y mi religion el razonamiento logico.😒


Hasta la vista baby😎

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Photos in Chinatown

By 5 de Dezembro de 2014 Fashion

5D3_5249_1-X3.jpg5D3_5237_1-X3.jpg5D3_5254_1-X3.jpg5D3_5182_1-X3.jpg5D3_5238_1-X3.jpg5D3_5253_1-X3.jpg5D3_5206_1-X3.jpg5D3_5222_1-X3.jpg5D3_5239_1-X3.jpg5D3_5271_1-X3.jpg5D3_5206_1-X3-0.jpg5D3_5249_1-X3-0.jpg5D3_5255_1-X3.jpg5D3_5271_1-X3-0.jpg5D3_5269_1-X3.jpg5D3_5270_1-X3.jpg5D3_5222_1-X3-0.jpg5D3_5238_1-X3-0.jpg5D3_5253_1-X3.jpgPhotos by Markus .

washington DC ,Chinetonw.

Hasta la vista Baby.


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