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Casino in Las Vegas

By 23 de Janeiro de 2015 Fashion, Style of life

















IMG_3024.JPGLas Vegas is an amazing city, erected in the desert and now known as Sin City, marriage and entertainment. It is the city of casinos which never sleeps, and at any time of day or night there are people playing.

The hotels are small worlds where you can find everything: shops, bars and entertainment, producing a fantastic reality where there is no notion of time. You may even travel without leaving Las Vegas, from the Eiffel Tower to the pyramids of Egypt. In Las Vegas you live in the city of dreams, where everything that happens there, stays there. It is impressive and fantastic -that feeling of seeing the world playing, drinking and living at all times.

Las Vegas’ big shows attract thousands of tourists every year. When planning to come to Las Vegas prepare to thoroughly enjoy this fine city. Dream: it fully justifies its reputation and understand when Elvis Presley sang from the heart when he said: Viva Las Vegas.

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Hasta la vista Baby.

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Welcome to Las Vegas

By 23 de Janeiro de 2015 Style of life

My weekend in Las Vegas….IMG_4050-0.JPGWashington DC to Las Vegas!This is The Hotel Wynn in Las Vegas! IMG_3495-0.JPGIMG_3490-0.JPGCasino Hotel Wynn .Style of the day…IMG_3501-0.JPGIs forbidden to take pictures in the casino.IMG_3496-0.JPGLove Willy Wonka game!IMG_3511-0.JPGIMG_3514-0.JPGIMG_3516-0.JPGIMG_3517-0.JPGIMG_3515-0.JPGIMG_3518-0.JPGIMG_3519-0.JPGIMG_3533-0.JPGIMG_3534-0.JPGIMG_3550-0.JPGIMG_3560-0.JPGIMG_3544-0.JPGIMG_3547-0.JPGIMG_3562-0.JPGIMG_3564-0.JPGIMG_3565-0.JPGIMG_3568-0.JPGIMG_3570-0.JPGIMG_3572-0.JPGIMG_3573-0.JPGThe Wynn is fantastic because it has a reproduction of amazonian forest with waterfall and in the desert have flowers and tropical vegetation in a hotel is a privilege.IMG_3591-0.JPGIMG_3594-0.JPGIMG_3603-0.JPGIMG_3844.JPGIMG_3605-0.JPGIMG_3610-0.JPGIMG_3622.JPGIMG_3625.JPGIMG_3626.JPG10947759_974369579240713_1063319180_n10947658_974380622572942_1910552308_n 10951476_974383159239355_199311417_n10947654_974369365907401_938397597_n10949819_974369685907369_1958535947_nIMG_3654.JPGIMG_3655.JPGIMG_3659.JPGIMG_3661.JPGIMG_3660.JPGIMG_3664.JPGIMG_3663.JPGthey are famous for television series, and is here in Las Vegas where they recond yours program tv show, Gold & Silver pawn shop.IMG_3665.JPGIMG_3667.JPGIMG_3669.JPGIMG_3672.JPGIMG_3674.JPGIMG_3675.JPGIMG_3676.JPGIMG_3677.JPGIMG_3685.JPGIMG_3687.JPGLas Vegas is known worldwide for wedding town, Las Vegas attracts thousands of tourists a year to meet and marry in his famous chapels,IMG_3691.JPGIMG_3693.JPGLas Vegas is famous for its casinos. In Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as the Strip, are the most impressive casinos in the world like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, New York, New York, Paris, Stratosphere, The Venetian , Treasure Island, among many others.IMG_3697.JPGIMG_4051.JPGEnjoy is a restaurant you pay per person a single price and eat at will. known as buffet, is very famous in Brazil in any restaurant, whether at lunch or dinner. At lunch and more popular, and by night as restaurants and pizzerias meat steakhouses are the favorites.IMG_3725.JPGIMG_3719.JPGLas Vegas is known worldwide mainly thanks to its casinos. The fame of Las Vegas made the city was the setting for several films like 007 – Diamonds Are Forever, Assault in Las Vegas, The Three Mile of Hell Eleven Men and Secret, Miss Congeniality 2,IMG_3726.JPGIMG_3727.JPGIMG_3728.JPGIMG_3730.JPGIMG_3731.JPGIMG_3729.JPGIMG_3733.JPGIMG_3734.JPGThe hotels of Las Vegas are fantastic, each has a particularly admirable feature. Not only do they have casinos and several restaurants and shops, but because it makes you lose the notion of time in your life within the hotels. You do not know what time and you need to check sometimes. Las Vegas always has players from somewhere around the world with great costumes, so go and enjoy.IMG_3756.JPGIMG_3754.JPGIMG_3763.JPGIMG_3769.JPGIMG_3773.JPGIMG_3770.JPGIMG_3791.JPGIMG_3784.JPGIMG_3789.JPGIMG_3793.JPGIMG_3795.JPGIMG_3804.JPGIMG_3847.JPGIMG_3814.JPGIMG_3815.JPGIMG_4052.JPGELVIS SANG: Viva Las Vegas, If you have a city to bet, bet in Las Vegas..IMG_3859-0.JPGIMG_3830.JPGRead in portugues!


Hasta la vista baby.

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