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KingsMill Resort.

By 21 de Junho de 2015 Style of life, The best Posts

Welcome to Resort KingsMill, Kingsmill is a name which has been used in James City County, Virginia since the mid-18th century. Initially the name of a plantation, in modern times, the name is attached to a geographic area which includes a large planned residential community, a resort complex, a theme park, a brewery, and a commercial park.

The Kingsmill area is located between the north bank of the James River just east (downstream) of the site where the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown was established in 1607 and Interstate Highway 64. Highway access to most of the area’s many businesses and attractions is from U.S. Route 60 between the eastern city limits of Williamsburg and the adjacent community of Grove, or from Virginia State Route 199, which forms a semi-circular beltway of sorts around Williamsburg’s southern side.


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Shooting with Books

By 5 de Abril de 2015 Fashion

The Library of Congress was inaugurated on April 24, 1800, when US President John Adams signed an Act of Congress transferring national government headquarters from Philadelphia to the new federal capital, Washington.

The original library was hosted in the new Capitol until August 1814, when the invading British troops set fire to the Capitol building, destroying the small library content, which then contained only three thousand volumes. Within a month, former President Thomas Jefferson offered his personal library as a replacement. Jefferson had spent 50 years accumulating books “storing everything that was related to the United States, and really all that is rare and valuable in every science.” His library was considered one of the best the United States. Jefferson, who was heavily indebted, sought to use the profit from the sale of books to pay off their debts with creditors.

He anticipated the discussion on the universe of his collection, which included books in foreign languages ​​and philosophy volumes, science, literature and other topics that were not normally seen in a legislative library. He wrote: “I am aware that there is in my collection any branch of science which Congress would exclude from their collection; there is, in fact, no matter that a member of Congress has not been able to use. ” In January 1815 the Congress accepted Jefferson’s offer allocating $ 23,950 in exchange for their 6487 books. The Jeffersonian concept of universality, the belief that all subjects are important to the legislative library of the United States, is the philosophy and the logic behind the library collection policies of Congress today. In December 1851, there was a fire in the library of congress. The fire destroyed 35,000 books, an original portrait of Christopher Columbus, portraits of the first five presidents of the United States painted by Gilbert Stuart and statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette.

The library had, in 2009, more than 32 million cataloged books, more than 63 million manuscripts, 3 million sound recordings, more than 5 million maps, 16 million microformase the largest collection of rare books in North America including one of the four remaining copies of the Gutenberg Bible on vellum paper. The library is open to the general public for academic research and tourists can also visit her. But only those with the “reader’s identification card” can join in the reading rooms and have access to the collection. However, only members of Congress, judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, its employees, employees of the Library of Congress and some other government officials can really make a thorough examination of the books.

Located in three buildings in the US capital, Washington, DC, Library of Congress has more than 155 million items, including materials available in 470 languages, setting the world’s library storage space and number of books.

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Orange Street Style

By 25 de Março de 2015 Fashion

Orange Street Style is my Style this week to go to street and show the fashion warning signs 🍊🚩⚠️🚦🚧⛔️🚸🚯 and read in English, portuguese and Spanish my articles about Dolce & Gabbana polemic😁😇 .!While-they-are-knowitalls-in-fashion-they-leave-something-to-be-desired-as-social-theorists/c193z/551056cf0cf22035304dd7f9!Poetas-Calados/c193z/550dc0270cf23050bc88475b

😎 hasta lá vista

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Hotel Willard

By 6 de Janeiro de 2015 Style of life

Situado en el corazón de la ciudad de Washington y en las proximidades de la Casa Blanca, el Hotel Willard ha sido escenario de acontecimientos históricos, tanto grandes como pequeños. Además de ser un hotel con elementos arquitectónicos clásicos y una decoración elegante, el Hotel Willard es una institución de Washington y una instalación de 4 estrellas.


5d3_8680_1.jpgFue fundado por Henry Willard en 1850; el hotel actual se terminó en 1901.




5d3_8739_1.jpgLa primera delegación de embajadores de Japón se alojó en el Willard en 1860 y declaró que el hotel era más lujoso que la casa de la Secretaría de Estado de EE.UU.. En febrero de 1861, fue el escenario de la conferencia de paz que fue el último esfuerzo para evitar la Guerra Civil. Justo antes de la conclusión de esta conferencia, Abraham Lincoln se coló en el hotel. El secreto era vital, debido a las numerosas amenazas contra su vida. Vivió en el Hotel Willard hasta su inauguración 04 de marzo 1861.



5d3_8792_1.jpgPresidente Grant

El principal salto a la fama del hotel fue durante la presidencia de Grant (1869-1877). El hotel estaba a sólo 2 cuadras de la Casa Blanca, y Grant desarrolló el hábito de frecuentar el vestíbulo del hotel para un cigarro y un whisky o brandy. Una leyenda urbana dice que el término “lobbying” (cabildeo) se deriva de los solicitantes de favores que iban en busca de Grant en el lobby (vestíbulo) del hotel.


5d3_8818_1-1.jpgEl siglo XX

La reunión inaugural de la Asociación Americana del Cáncer se celebró en el Willard en 1907. Woodrow Wilson esbozó la forma temprana de la Sociedad de Naciones en el hotel en 1916. La Asociación de Oficiales de Reserva se fundó allí en 1922, y Martin Luther King Jr. escribió “Yo tengo un sueño” durante su estancia en el hotel en 1963. El Hotel Willard se encuentra ahora en el Registro Nacional de Lugares Históricos.







dsc00995.jpgVisitantes famosos

Aparte de los acontecimientos históricos, numerosos personajes famosos se han alojado en el Willard. Estos incluyen numerosos presidentes estadounidenses, P.T. Barnum, Charles Dickens, Harry Houdini, Samuel Morse, Mark Twain y Walt Whitman.



5d3_8837_1.jpgThe first structures to be built at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW were six small houses constructed by Colonel John Tayloe III in 1816. Tayloe leased the six buildings to Joshua Tennison, who named them Tennison’s Hotel. The structures served as a hotel for the next three decades, the leaseholder and name changing several times: Williamson’s Mansion Hotel, Fullers American House, and the City Hotel. By 1847, the structures were in disrepair and Tayloe’s son, Benjamin Ogle Tayloe, was desperate to find a tenant who would maintain the structures and run them profitably.

The Willard Hotel was formally founded by Henry Willard when he leased the six buildings in 1847, combined them into a single structure, and enlarged it into a four-story hotel he renamed the Willard Hotel. Willard purchased the hotel property from Benjamin Tayloe in 1864, but a dispute over the purchase price and the form of payment (paper currency or gold coin) led to a major equity lawsuit which ended up in the Supreme Court of the United States. The Supreme Court split the difference in Willard v. Tayloe. 75 U.S. 557 (1869): The purchase price would remain the same, but Willard must pay in gold coin (which had not depreciated in value the way paper currency had).

Franklin Pierce departs from the Willard Hotel for his inauguration, March 1853
The present 12-story structure, designed by famed hotel architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, opened in 1901. It suffered a major fire in 1922 which caused $250,000 ($3,522,366 as of 2015), in damages. Among those who had to be evacuated from the hotel were Vice President Calvin Coolidge, several U.S. senators, composer John Philip Sousa, motion picture producer Adolph Zukor, newspaper publisher Harry Chandler, and numerous other media, corporate, and political leaders who were present for the annual Gridiron Dinner. For many years the Willard was the only hotel from which one could easily visit all of downtown Washington, and consequently it has housed many dignitaries during its history.

The Willard family sold its share of the hotel in 1946, and due to mismanagement and the severe decline of the area, the hotel closed in 1968. The building sat vacant for years, and numerous plans were floated for its demolition. It eventually fell into a semi-public receivership and was sold to the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation. They held a competition to rehabilitate the property and ultimately awarded it to the Oliver Carr Company and Golding Associates. The two partners then brought in the InterContinental Hotels Group to be a part owner and operator of the hotel. The Willard was subsequently restored to its turn-of-the-century elegance and an office-building contingent was added. The hotel was thus re-opened amid great celebration on August 20, 1986, which was attended by several U.S. Supreme Court justices and U.S. senators. In the late 1990s, the hotel once again underwent significant restoration.




Hasta lá vista 😎

Read in portuguese!

Y en Glossh magazine!

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Glitter and glamour to inspire the New Year

By 3 de Janeiro de 2015 Fashion

5d3_8680_1.jpgPoliticians and diapers should be changed from time to time for the same reason.Eca de Queiroz

Los políticos y los pañales deben ser cambiados de vez en cuando por la misma razón.
Eca de Queiroz5d3_8671_1.jpgHappiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.Ernest Hemingway

La felicidad en la gente inteligente es la cosa más rara que conozco.
Ernest Hemingway



dsc00959.jpgDemocracy is a statistical error, because in a democracy the majority rules and the majority are imbeciles.Jorge Luis Borges

La democracia es un error estadístico, ya que en una democracia la mayoría manda y la mayoría son imbéciles.
Jorge Luis Borgesdsc00961.jpgLa soledad es la madre de la sabiduría.Laurence Sterne

Loneliness is the mother of wisdom.
Laurence Sternedsc00951.jpg













When a person suffers a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion.
Robert M. Pirsig

Cuando una persona sufre un delirio se llama locura. Cuando mucha gente sufre de un delirio que se llama religión.
Robert M. Pirsig

This year will shine for everyone with health and much luck in the game of life. A toast to life.💥🎉🍸👯😸

Que este año brille para todos con salud y mucha suerte en el juego de la vida. Un brindis por la vida.🍸🎉👯😘💥😸🌹

And Hasta la vida baby 😎

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My TV show pilot in New York

By 31 de Dezembro de 2014 Style of life

Angelica Ferrer’s TV show pilot for “Este es tu Mundo”. The TV show is about understanding the real lifestyles of different cultures.

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Sexy in The city

By 29 de Dezembro de 2014 Style of life

Angelical Ferrer towel😜 in New York city 🗽



























Hasta lá vista baby.

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Behind the scenes in New York.

By 23 de Dezembro de 2014 Style of life



Estar en Nueva York en Navidad significa ver como esa gran metrópolis se prepara para recibir a mas de 50 millones de turistas que llegan cada año. Hice una pequeña gira por la ciudad, comencé por visitar Chelsea Market, un antiguo mercado de bizcochos ( National biscuit Company) donde se puede encontrar una cuarentena de tiendas especializadas en todo tipo de comidas, antes era un punto de comercio de los indios algonquinos, donde comercializaban sus cultivos al lado del Rio Hudson, y hoy se conserva toda esa infraestructura, Chelsea es un lugar único.


Después visité la famosa tienda de juguetes donde Tom Hanks bailo encima del piano gigante FAO Schwartz, fue fundada por un inmigrante alemán, tiene juguetes de todos los tamaños, incluso los famosos legos. Después fuimos a ver el famoso árbol de Rockefeller, que esta enfrente del centro comercial Rockefeller , por eso tiene ese nombre,. El árbol de este año vino de Filadelfia, tiene 26 metros de altura y pesa 12 toneladas, iluminado por 45 mil lamparas.

Estar en Rockefeller Center, con sus ángeles y ver los efectos especiales enfrente de la las vitrinas mas famosas del mundo, es ver que Nueva York, verdaderamente ama la Navidad. Después me aventure a patinar en hielo, Nueva York tiene 4 pistas pero la de Rockefeller es la mas famosa. La pista de Bryant Park, que está entre Madison e Broadway, Todos los años colocan muchísimas tiendas, donde venden cosas de Navidad a cielo abierto. Después fuimos a ver la panorámica nocturna de la ciudad desde el famoso observatorio del Empire State building. Si va a NuevaYork, no deje de ver esa iluminación desde la cima que la transforma en única.
Al dia siguiente, continuamos la visita, fuimos a la famosa Estatua de la Libertad, alli comencé el programa y di la bienvenida a NuevaYork, la estatua fue un regalo de las franceses al final del siglo 19 para conmemorar el centenario de la independencia de los Estados Unidos. Está considerada monumento de la humanidad y es uno de los símbolos mas famosos de los Estados Unidos, su estructura interna la hizo Eiffel, el mismo de la famosa torre de Paris. Así quien llega a Estados Unidos Por mar, lo primero que ve es la famosa estatua erguida, sosteniendo una llama y simbolizando la libertad de este país.
Por la noche fui a ver las famosas luces de Navidad, que son los famosos escaparates que Nueva York hace en Navidad, realmente son un sueño, son maravillosas, cada una tiene un tema y todo esta robotizado con juegos de luces, gastan millones en hacer esos escaparates, muchas personas van a Nueva York solamente para verlas. Es fantástico, puede pasar horas viendo diferentes vitrinas, vale la pena, las que yo visite fueron: Barneys , Henri bendel, Sack’s fifth avenue y Tiffany’s, hay muchísimas mas, pero están lejos unas de otras, se necesita un mapa, pues es difícil recorrer la ciudad en coche o taxi, debe de tener paciencia, pues el trafico no es bueno.
Por ultimo un paseo a caballo, por Central Par por la noche, para despedirme y desear unas felices navidades a todos. Me gusto haber grabado el viaje, espero que les guste cuando lo emitan por TV, también lo pondré en YouTube para los que estén fuera de España tengan la oportunidad de verlo, pero si quieren mas detalles, les invito a visitar mi pagina:
Being in New York at Christmas means seeing this great metropolis preparing to welcome the more than 50 million tourists that visit each year. I did a little tour of the city, and began by visiting the Chelsea Market, an old market of biscuits (National Biscuit Company) where you can find more than forty shops specializing in all kinds of foods and specialty items. Historically it was a trading point of the Algonquin Indians, with a big market for their crops beside the Hudson River. Today all that infrastructure is preserved, Chelsea Market is a unique place.
After that I visited the famous toy store where Tom Hanks danced on the giant piano at FAO Schwarz. The store was founded by a German immigrant, and has toys of all sizes, including the famous Legos. Then we went to see the famous Rockefeller Center tree, which is across from Rockefeller Mall, which is why it has that name. The tree this year came from Philadelphia, is 26 meters high and weighs 12 tons, illuminated by 45,000 lamps.

Being in Rockefeller Center, with the angels and seeing the special effects on the buildings opposite it showcase some of the most famous scenes in the world. This is to see New York at its best, the people there truly loves Christmas. Then I ventured ice skating, New York has 4 ice skating rinks but Rockefeller is the most famous. The rink at Bryant Park is beautiful, which is between Madison and Broadway, and every year there are many shops where they sell Christmas gifts. Then we went to see the night view of the city from the famous observatory at the top of the Empire State building. If you go to New York, do not miss that view from the top that is so unique.

The next day, we continue the tour and we went to the famous Statue of Liberty, and recorded the video to start my TV show and welcomed people to New York. The statue was a gift from the French in the late 19th century to commemorate the centenary of the independence of the USA. It is considered a monument to humanity and is one of the most famous symbols of the United States. Its internal structure was designed by Eiffel, who also built the famous tower in Paris. Whoever comes to America by sea, the first thing you see is the famous statue upright, holding a flame symbolizing the freedom of this country.
At night I went to see the famous Christmas lights and store window displays. The famous windows that New York does every Christmas really are a dream, they are so wonderful. Each has a theme and everything is automated with sets of lights, and the stores spend millions on making these windows.


Many people go to New York just to see them. It’s fantastic, you can spend hours watching different windows. I visited Barney’s, Henri Bendel, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, and Tiffany’s. There are many more, but they are far from each other and a map is needed. It is difficult to tour the city by car or taxi, and you must have patience because the traffic is not good.

Finally I took a horseback ride in Central Park at night, to say goodbye and wish a merry Christmas to all. I’m glad I recorded the trip, and I hope you like it when gets shown on TV. I will put it on YouTube for those who are outside Spain so you have a chance to see it, but if you want more details, I invite you to visit my website:

A kiss to all and hasta la vista baby! and soon the Video in New york.
Un beso a todos y hasta la vista baby y en breve el video in Nueva York.

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Franciscan monastery

By 10 de Dezembro de 2014 Style of life

El monasterio del Monte Santo Sepulcro franciscano se encuentra en la calle 14 y Quincy en el barrio noreste de Brookland Washington, DC.

El propósito del monasterio era construir modelos de santuarios y lugares importantes para el cristianismo. Incluye jardines, réplicas de diversos santuarios de todo Israel, una réplica de las catacumbas de Roma, un archivo, una biblioteca, así como huesos de San Benigno de Armagh, traídos de las catacumbas romanas y originalmente en la Catedral de Narni, Italia.

The Mount St. Sepulchre Franciscan Monastery is located at 14th and Quincy Streets in the Brookland neighborhood of Northeast Washington, D.C.

The purpose of the monastery was to build models of shrines and locations important to Christianity. It includes gardens, replicas of various shrines throughout Israel, a replica of the catacombs in Rome, an archive, a library, as well as bones of Saint Benignus of Armagh, brought from the Roman Catacombs and originally in the Cathedral of Narni, Italy.


El Reverendo Charles A. Vassani (1831-1896) nombró a los EE.UU. Hermanada conTierra Santa en 1880, en la ciudad de Nueva York. Fue a partir de esta ubicación que el Rev. Vassani y Padre Godfrey Schilling, OFM (1855-1936) comenzó a planificar la construcción de una “Tierra Santa en América” y un Santo Sepulcro. Ellos imaginaron un edificio en una alta colina en Staten Island, con vistas a la entrada del puerto de Nueva York. Estos planes fueron posteriormente desechados. Finalmente, los planes cambiaron a una colina boscosa en Brookland, Washington, DC. En 1897, el P. Godfrey compró el McCeeney Locales en Brookland para fundar un monasterio y su iglesia.

The Very Reverend Charles A. Vassani (1831–1896) established the U.S. Commissariat of the Holy Land in 1880, in New York City. It was from this location that Rev. Vassani and Father Godfrey Schilling, O.F.M. (1855-1936) began to plan to build a “Holy Land in America” and a Holy Sepulchre. They envisioned building on a high hill on Staten Island, overlooking the entrance to New York’s harbor. These plans were later dropped. Eventually the plans changed to a wooded hilltop in Brookland, Washington, D.C.. In 1897, Fr. Godfrey purchased the McCeeney Estate in Brookland in order to found a monastery and church.


Seis hermanos vivían en la casa McCeeney abandonada. Después de comprar el sitio, P. Schilling visitó Tierra Santa y tomó medidas y fotografías de los Santos Lugares. En febrero de 1898, la tierra estaba preparada y la primera piedra fue colocada en la Fiesta de San José. La construcción de los Santuarios Sagrados, jardines, y Rosario Pórtico continuó durante varios años. La iglesia fue consagrada en septiembre de 1924, en el vigésimo quinto aniversario de su dedicación. En enero de 1992, el Monte Santa Sepulcro fue incluido en el Registro Nacional de Lugares Históricos.

Six Brothers lived in the abandoned McCeeney house. After purchasing the site, Fr. Schilling visited the Holy Land and took measurements and photographs of the Holy Sites. In February 1898, ground was broken, and the cornerstone was laid on the Feast of St. Joseph. Construction of the Holy Shrines, Gardens, and Rosary Portico continued for several years. The Church was consecrated in September 1924, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of its dedication. In January 1992, Mount St. Sepulchre was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


La Iglesia del Santo Sepulcro fue diseñado por el arquitecto Aristide Leonori. La primera piedra fue colocada en 1898 y terminada en 1899. La planta de la iglesia se asemeja vagamente la cruz de Jerusalén multiplicada por cinco. Fue construido en el estilo neo-bizantino, se asemeja a Santa Sofía de Constantinopla. Algunas influencias románicas se añadieron al diseño.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was designed by the architect Aristide Leonori. The cornerstone was laid in 1898 and construction completed in 1899. The floor plan of the church loosely resembles the fivefold Jerusalem cross. It was built in the neo-Byzantine style, resembling Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Some Romanesque influences were added to the design.


Un Rosario Pórtico diseñado por John Joseph Earley rodea la iglesia. Contiene quince capillas que representan los misterios del Rosario. Cada capilla contiene placas con el Ave María en casi doscientas lenguas antiguas y modernas. El Rosario se asemeja al Pórtico del claustro de San Juan de Letrán en Roma y San Pablo Extramuros. Varios símbolos cristianos de las catacumbas decoran la fachada.

The Rosary Portico designed by John Joseph Earley surrounds the church. It contains fifteen chapels depicting the mysteries of the Rosary. Each chapel contains plaques bearing the Hail Mary in nearly two hundred ancient and modern languages. The Rosary Portico resembles the Cloister of St. John Lateran in Rome and Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls. Various Christian symbols from the Catacombs decorate the facade.





Se adjunta a la Iglesia el Monasterio neo-románico. Muchos artistas y arquitectos han contribuido al desarrollo del sitio. La Biblioteca y Archivos contienen diversos materiales de la Tierra Santa del desarrollo temprano del monasterio, de la vida monacal y una gran colección de vestimentas.

Attached to the Church is the neo-Romanesque Monastery. Many artists and architects have contributed to the development of the site. The Library and Archives contain various materials on the Holy Land and the early development of the monastery, monastery life and a large collection of vestments.



Hasta lá vista baby😎

My Beautiful video😒☝️ but not profesional 😉.

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Fashion feline!

By 6 de Dezembro de 2014 Fashion

Mi patria es el mundo, mis amigos la humanidad y mi religion el razonamiento logico.😒


Hasta la vista baby😎

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Street Style

By 2 de Dezembro de 2014 Good looks

Good Morning America and good afternoon Europe.Today I share with you a story of the history channel about:One of Shakespeare’s rare First Folios Discovered in French Library
By Sarah Pruitt👍 my Favorite channel. IMG_2029.JPG
Buenos dias America y buenas tardes Europe.Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes una articulo del canal de historia sobre: ​​Uno de raros primeros folios de Shakespeare Descubierto en una Biblioteca en Francia.
Por Sarah Pruitt👍 mi canal favorito.


Xoxo my dear 😘
Besitos a todos 😘

Photos in WashingtonDC

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My article about WashingtonDC in Brasil

By 13 de Novembro de 2014 Articles

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English Architecture in WashingtonDC

By 7 de Novembro de 2014 Last posts instagram, Style of life, The best Posts

WashingtonDC es conocido como el centro de la política del gobierno y donde Vive Obama, Cosmopolita y moderna, la capital de los Estados Unidos de América tiene una presencia muy Inglés en la arquitectura de viviendas y edificios. En otoño las calles son realmente como una película. WashingtonDC no dejar mucho que desear en términos de belleza natural, y tiene muchos parques naturales y está cortada por varios ríos y cubierto por varios lagos. ..IMG_1935.JPGIMG_1934.JPG

Washington, DC is known as the center of government policy and where Obama lives. Cosmopolitan and modern, the capitol of the United States of America has a very English architecture presence in homes and buildings. In autumn the streets are truly like a movie. Washington, DC does not leave much to be desired in terms of natural beauty, and has many natural parks and is crossed by several rivers and covered by several lakes.

IMG_1925.JPGWashington es uno de los 50 estados de los Estados Unidos, que se encuentra en la región llamada los estados del Pacífico. El estado fue nombrado después de que el líder de las fuerzas estadounidenses en la revolución americana en 1776 y el primer Presidente de los Estados Unidos, George Washington. Los nombres de muchas ciudades y condados en los Estados Unidos en honor a varios presidentes de Estados Unidos, pero el estado de Washington es el único estado a llevar el nombre de un presidente estadounidense. El Estado no debe ser confundida con la capital estadounidense, Washington, Distrito de Columbia. Por lo tanto, en el país, Washington, el estado es a menudo llamado el estado de Washington, mientras que Washington, la capital del país, se llama CC (corto para el Distrito de Columbia) IMG_1867.JPGWashington is one of 50 states in the United States, located in the region called the Pacific states. The state was named after the leader of US forces in the American Revolution in 1776 and the first President of the United States, George Washington. The names of many cities and counties in the United States honoring several US Presidents, but the state of Washington is the only state to be named after an American president. The state should not be confused with the US capital, Washington, District of Columbia. Therefore, in the country, Washington, the state is often called Washington state, while Washington, the national capital, is called DC (short for the District of Columbia) IMG_1926.JPGIMG_1941.JPGIMG_1868.JPGIMG_1865.JPGIMG_1873.CR2.jpgIMG_1869.JPGIMG_1870.JPGIMG_1874.JPGIMG_1880.JPGIMG_1888.JPGIMG_1872.JPGIMG_1882.JPGIMG_1883.JPGIMG_1885.CR2.jpgIMG_1887.JPGIMG_1891.JPGIMG_1890.JPGIMG_1902.JPGIMG_1904.JPGIMG_1901.JPGIMG_1899.JPGIMG_1909.JPGIMG_1905-0.JPGIMG_1912.CR2.jpgIMG_1913.JPGIMG_1914.JPGIMG_1926-0.JPGIMG_1925-0.JPGIMG_1927.JPGIMG_1924.JPGIMG_1936.JPGIMG_1928.JPGIMG_1917 IMG_1937.JPGIMG_1932.JPGIMG_1931.JPG

Hasta la vista Baby😎✋

By Ferrer Angelica.

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My interview with Mr. Bob at NASA Headquarters

By 27 de Agosto de 2014 Articles

I had the pleasure to meet and interview Bob Jacobs, he is the NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Communications.

We met in front of NASA Headquarters in Washington DC, which caught my attention. Bob apologized for not speaking any of my languages (Bob is amazing). From there we went to a restaurant called Clyde’s. On the way in a taxi, Bob told me about his experience working at NASA since 2000.



IMG_8676.JPGAmazing restaurant☝️🌹 Interview

Q: In your opinion, what is NASA’s most important accomplishment during your career?
A: I joined NASA in July 2000 and I’m not sure I can pin my answer down to any one achievement. I was here when we lost seven astronauts and the space shuttle Columbia, and that is not an easy setback to overcome. Yet, the agency came together and safely returned the space shuttle to flight. That’s one major achievement. Another is the completion of the International Space Station and the safe retirement of the space shuttle program. Now that the ISS is complete, we’re focused on research that will help humanity on Earth and eventually extend our human exploration beyond the moon and on to Mars. Finally, successfully landing three rovers on the Red Planet during my career here has been thrilling. Do you realize Mars in inhabited entirely by robots? The United States is the only nation to achieve that. And I hope to be around when we put people on the Red Planet with them!

Q: How did NASA get in the position of paying the Russians to take American astronauts to the International Space Station?
A: First, it is important to realize that NASA makes no unilateral decisions when it comes to the operation of the International Space Station. There is an international partnership that makes the decisions on the safe operations of the ISS. So, NASA is not the only nation that buys seats on Russian Soyuz spacecraft. ESA and other international partners do the same. Also, people focus so much on launching people into orbit that they forget about the need for crew rescue. Budget cuts during the Bush administration forced NASA to abandon work on a Crew Rescue Vehicle, which meant we were reliant on the Russian Soyuz for rescue. Remember, it is not enough to get the astronauts up to the International Space Station. We have to be able to get them down. And we need to be able to do it in a hurry if there’s an emergency in orbit. The Soyuz, for the moment, is the only spacecraft that can sit in orbit for six months at a time. The space shuttle couldn’t do that. So, we need to think about crew transportation and the space station in terms of round trips and emergency escape. That said, NASA is very focused on returning the launch of our astronauts to American soil, which is why we have the commercial crew program. We already have commercial companies resupplying the ISS with cargo. Later this year, we’ll make a decision on which American companies will ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.

IMG_8674.JPGI saw that Bob is a real American, he asked for fries and a hamburger, 🍟🍔😋while I ordered a salad with brie cheese and toasted bread cubes.

IMG_8677.JPGBob told me that he liked to play sports, but had stopped practicing for a while because he was working too hard. I told Bob that I would return to Washington to meet him only just to know about if he started doing exercises again.#inspiration #bob#strongman☝️👏💪👍🌹
Okay okay going to the interview. 🇺🇸

Q: You have had a lot to do with NASA’s social media outreach. How has it changed since the beginning? What pleases you most about what NASA is doing with social media?
A: Social media for NASA has simply exploded. I pushed the agency into social media in November 2008. If you told me then we would have 7 million followers on both Twitter and Facebook, I would not have believed you. And those are just the primary NASA accounts. We have nearly 500 social media accounts across the agency. We have been fortunate that the public has responded so favorably to our activities. Most organizations would say social media is about them finding new way to deliver their message. For me, social media is really about the people we engage and the audiences we reach. When the federal government recently shut down, the people who love what we do came together on their own and executed a campaign called #ThingsNASAMightTweet, and they continued to post space-related material in our absence. That is an amazing reaction. Yes, we have a lot of talented people at NASA executing social media across many projects and programs, but it is the public and interested individuals who make us successful.

Q: People think first about sending humans into space when they think of NASA and ESA. How much investment is NASA making into exploring the Universe and studying Earth from space?
A: NASA spends more money exploring the universe than all the other space agencies in the world combined. Think about that for a moment. We spend about $5 billion a year in Science to study Earth, the planets, our sun, and other mission to help answer fundamental questions about our place in the universe. That is exciting work. Yes, people rightly think first about extending human exploration beyond Earth orbit. But we do not get anywhere with human space exploration without the robots and satellites that gather data to help pave the way. Even then, can you think of a more amazing achievement than the Hubble Space Telescope? What about the Mars Curiosity rover? A human presence in space is important but it alone cannot answer the questions the various science communities need answered. That is why we have a robust exploration program that builds on our record-breaking achievements in space.

Q: What are five important technologies NASA is creating or investing in?
A: We cannot get into deep space without innovations in technology. NASA is a catalyst for new breakthroughs in technology and to foster a new commercial space industry. Some of our innovative investments include new solar arrays and thrusters for solar electric propulsion, developing cleaner and “greener” rocket propellants, solar sails that reduce our need for rocket fuel in the first place. We do not have the tools today to successfully get humans to Mars, which is why we are investing in those technologies today. And I would invite everyone to see how our technology investments return dividends here on Earth. Take a look at and see investments in space exploration are improving our lives here on the ground. You may remember the recent successful test off the Hawaii coast of NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator. If we are going to land on Mars, we are going to need technology to help slow us down as we enter the atmosphere. LDSD was an important technology demonstration mission that will be applied to future planetary exploration. We are also working to make space research more affordable. Our development of micro-satellites, called CubeSats, open a new way to explore space with smaller, inexpensive satellites to gather images, take measurements, etc.

Q: Do you believe in God? Yes or no, and explain your reasoning.
A: The issue of faith is an extremely personal one and it is an issue that probably is not appropriate to address as a NASA representative. That said, I was raised Catholic and attended a variety of public and parochial schools growing up. I received my undergraduate degree from a public university Tennessee and my master’s degree from a Catholic university in New Jersey.

IMG_8675.JPGI loved meeting Bob. In the end I said I wanted to go to space and if he could send me the next manned flight? I said I could fly the rocket, then he looked at me and said, “I think this could be dangerous.”✋😌 👉 Okay Mr.Bob I trust you😹🌹.

IMG_7690.JPGEven Mr. Bob likes to do the famous selfie. Thanks Bob, I learned a lot about the work and the important work that NASA does for the world, and also the technology that takes a long time to develop. I hope to see humanity be able to inhabit another planet, which would be amazing! Thanks for the presents; they have reached the intended people.✋

Hasta la vista baby 😎

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Ferrer Angélica in USA part I

By 17 de Agosto de 2014 Style of life

Welcome to the United States of America🇺🇸

Bem vindo aos Estados unidos da America do Norte!🇺🇸

Bienvenido a los Estados Unidos de America!🇺🇸



Okay , estou em Washington e vou comer um hambúrguer com batatas fritas, nao costumo comer sempre mas de vez em quando 👏☝️👍🙅 #coragemangelica

Okay, I’m in Washington and I will eat a burger with fries, I do not usually always but occasionally eat.

Ok estoy en Wasington y voy a comer una hamburguesa con patatas fritas, no las como siempre, solamente de vez en cuando.


IMG_5476.JPGIt rained a lot that day.

Chovia muito aquele dia!

Llovía mucho aquel día.



IMG_5533.JPGNational archives building .





IMG_5536-0.JPGNational Gallery of art

IMG_5614.JPGHiking in Rock Creek park, found the servant.

Caminhadas no Rock Creek park , encontrei esse servo.

Paseos en Rock Creek Park , encontré ese ciervo


IMG_5609.JPG Rock Creek park , garden and houses Style inglish in Washington DC




Estilo picnic !IMG_8191.JPGAdorei Washington DC , tem muito verde e um lago maravilhoso.


Do you remember the Farewell case? passed the front of this building there!

Lembra do caso Farewell? se passou nesse predio dai da frente!

Recuerda el casoFarewell? Ocurrió en ese edificio de enfrente.


Also here is an obelisk, there are many satanic stories about them.ehehe

Obelisco tambem aqui , tem muitas teorias satanicas sobre esse aqui em Washington DC. ahahahhah

También aquí hay un obelisco, existen muchas historias satánicas sobre ellos.jajajaaja




Obama a kiss, I’ll still know you personally.

Obama um beijo , ainda vou te conhecer pessoalmente!

Obama un beso, aun voy a conocerte personalmente.




IMG_5783.JPGAchei uma loja que vende sapatos vintage 😍 de várias marcas como Chloé , Tory burch e Michael Kors.

I found a shop that sells vintage shoes from various brand such as Chloé, Tory Burch and Michael Kors.

Hallé una tienda que vende zapatos vintage de varias marcas como Chloé , Tory burch e Michael Kors.





IMG_5805.JPGNational Harbor Ferris Wheels and Daniel Wellington.




IMG_8119.JPG holidays , enjoy the day and life !.




IMG_8117.JPGBye Bye Washington DC and go to Virgínia Beach🌅



IMG_5912.JPGMe gusta conocer y caminar por parques.

I enjoy meeting and walk through parks.

Adoro conhecer e caminhar por parques! IMG_5911.JPG.




IMG_5976.JPGThe beach very conservative, Americans are very conservative too, not everyone is Lady Gaga and Madonna.😹🙅👍I am also very conservative.

Una playa muy conservadora,y los Americanos son muy conservadores también, no todos son Lady Gaga y Madona. Yo también soy muy conservadora.




IMG_5975-0.JPGBye Bye Virgínia beach , i`m too conservative for this beach.eheeheh

Me voy de aqui , esta playa no es muy conservadora para una persona tan recatada como yo .ajajjaaja😝







IMG_8141.JPGQue lugar lindo e com muito verde , amei!😘

very beautiful place!😘
Me encanta este sitio😘


pasta mini ipad-002.jpg

IMG_0958Eu fiz novos amigos .IMG_8131-0.JPG





pasta mini ipad-003.jpg



pasta mini ipad.jpg









IMG_8163.JPGI Liked this bathroom is big as mine but is very modern and has not a bath.🛁

Adorei este banheiro ,è grande como o meu mas è muito moderno , nao tem banheira!🛁

Me gustó este quarto de baño, es grande como el mío pero es muy moderno y no tiene bañera.🛀


Lindo o por do sol! beautiful sunset !IMG_8156.JPG

IMG_8158.JPGThe neighbors are very friendly.

Os visinhos sao bem amistosos!

Los vecinos son muy amigables.

IMG_8152.JPGNo matter where you are, my food is always healthy, and my way of thinking does not change because people think or act differently to me., I live for myself and not to please others.

No importa donde esté, mi comida será siempre sana, y mi manera de pensar no cambia porque las personas piensen o actúen diferente a mi., yo vivo para mi y no para agradar a los demás.

Nao importa onde eu estou , minha comida serà sempre saudavel para mim , e minha maneira de pensar nao muda porque as pessoas pensam e agem diferente de mim , Eu vivo para mim e nao para agradar os demais! pasta mini ipad-001.jpg

Vestido HM outono , brincos de perolas Carolina Herrera ,Chapeu natural feito à mao em Hawaii e sapatos Chloe .IMG_0941.JPG



My favorite place in the house is the living room with kitchenette. The room with glass windows overlooking the trees and the lake.

Mi lugar preferido de la casa es la sala con cocina americana. La sala con ventanas de vidrios con vistas a los arboles y el lago.

Meu lugar preferido da casa, a sala com a cozinha estilo americana! A sala com janelas de vidros com vistas para as arvores e o lago.IMG_8153.JPGMy breakfast, fruit toast and chocolate milk.☕️🍶🍉🍋🌹🍹

Meu cafe da manha , Frustas com pao tostado e leite com chocolate!🍹🍉🌽🍑🍊🍋🍞🍹🍓

Mi desayuno, frutas con pan tostado y leche con chocolate.🍋🍊🌽🍑🍓🍉🍞☕️🍹


Blusa Top shop ,saia HM e sapatos Tory borch .IMG_8176.JPG



IMG_8179.JPGMaravilhoso os dias aqui !

Wonderful day here!









IMG_8150.JPGEu sou a garota selvagem da casa do lago! kkkkkkkkkkkkk






IMG_8169.JPGWhat is important to maintain the shape, is to continuous exercise, and eat bacon burger, coke taking, all that we burn, playing sports.

O importante para manter a forma è fazer exercicios continuos , comer bacons e hamburguer ,tomar coca cola tudo isso è queimado se voce pratica esportes!

Lo importante para mantener la forma,es gacer ejercicios continuos,comer baicon ,hamburguesa y tomar coca cola ,todo eso lo quemamos haciendo deporte.



Marie , saudades da cachorrinha que surfa! IMG_6195.JPG

Potato nose if I’m in the land of plastic, maybe in the future want to change my nose.heheehehe

Nariz de batata sim! estou no paìs das plasticas , talvez no futuro queira mudar o meu nariz! kkkkkkkkkkkk

Nariz de patata si, estoy en el país de la plástica, tal vez en el futuro quiera cambiar mi nariz.ajajajaja


Ferrer veste All star Bart Simpson, calça Gap e blusa da Minie Disney!IMG_8262.JPG








Olha a marie ai ! IMG_7509.JPG





IMG_8184.JPGExercise is good for health and body.

Fazer exercicios faz bem para a saùde e para o corpo!

Hacer ejercicio es bueno para la salud y para el cuerpo.IMG_8183.JPG









Aqui tambem tem Vespa! IMG_8189.JPG


Adorei essa vermelha! IMG_8190.JPG


I enjoyed the stay here, I learned a lot, this Country may be perfect for someone like me.😉

È, eu gostei da minha instancia aqui , aprendi muito,esse paìs pode ser perfeito para uma pessoa como EU!😉

Me gustó la estancia aquí, aprendí mucho, este Pais puede ser perfecto para una persona como yo.😉

IMG_7857.JPGThose flowers are for all the people I met in the USA and provided me a pleasant stay, a kiss to all and see you guys.🌹

Essas flores para todos aqueles que conheci aqui nos Estados Unidos da america e me proporcionou uma instancia agradavel! Um beijo à todos y Hasta la vista babys!🌹

Esas flores son para todas las personas que conocí en los Estados Unidos y me proporciono una estancia agradable, un beso a todos y hasta la vista, muchachos.🌹

Hasta la vista baby😎

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